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The global weather-resistant boxes market is expected to be driven by the increasing population and trade worldwide. The growth in world-wide shipping is expected to be one of the major drivers of growth. The growing innovation relating to material and process is also anticipated to propel the market in the next ten years, and beyond. Moreover, the presence of strong and developed logistics channels is further projected to to emerge as a major driver for the global weather-resistant boxes market.

Despite the optimistic outlook for growth, there are many factors, which might restrain the growth of the global weather-resistant boxes market during the forecast period. Growing uncertainty and political volatility in some of the countries which provide raw materials for weather-resistant boxes is expected to be a major restraint of the market. Furthermore, these boxes are not very suitable to endure high stress environment, thus making them impractical for fragile objects. Under extreme pressure on stacking, these boxes may show signs of deforming.

The North America region is expected to retain the leading position during the forecast period. This is attributed to a large sea trade exchanges in the region. The Western Europe region is also expected to follow North America in terms of market size. The region is anticipated to be driven by large sized shipping industry. Asia Pacific excluding Japan is expected to expand at a rapid pace owing to the development of manufacturing sites in China and India. Other regions are expected to hold a fragment of the market share.

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The major players in the weather-resistant boxes market are Larsen Packaging Products, Inc., Goodwin Robbins Packaging Company Inc., Florida A&M Tape & Packaging, Inc., among others.