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Networking has become very important nowadays. It can also be described as connecting with other businesses and people who might be benefitial at some point.

Building a network is all about meeting people, who are useful or have useful contacts, says Rieta de Soet, CEO of Global Management Consultants AG in Switzerland.

Especially when you own or work at a Business Center, networking has an important meaning and is a big issue, because it can help you to create a portfolio and a good reputation, says Fabian de Soet. Networking doesn’t stop in your specific branch, any company or contact could be useful, maybe not any time soon, but you also need to think ahead.

The good thing about networking is, it is very simple and doesn’t take much effort, you can even do it online with various websites which are designed just for that purpose. The Internet makes it possible to connect with people all over the world. Furthermore there are networking events for specific branches, designed to bring the right people together. Everybody benefits from it and nobody should miss out on that opportunity, says Rieta de Soet.

At GMC AG networking also plays an important role. There are many different people and companies at the Business Center, but working in the same environment brings them together. Also the Global Management Consultants AG has a lot of useful contacts from previous clients and is always eager to help their customers, says Fabian de Soet.