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Michael Myles Hayes, the 9-year-old director from Houston, Texas will Premiere his short film ‘Beast Factor’in Hollywood during National Bully Prevention Month!

Beast Factor a movie selected by Reel Black Men Movie Festival brought to by Black Hollywood will premiere at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood on October13th, 2018 at 7:00pm.

I AM HOUSTON MEDIA is pleased to announce the release of its new short film ‘Beast Factor’ during National Bully Prevention Month, starring Braden Balazik, Jean R. Shaw, Jaylen Christopher, So ‘Cara Milan Anaye. The film is written and directed by Michael Myles Hayes, and produced by Chukwuemeka Uchegbu.
Beast Factor tells a story of a 6 year old Connor MCFarmland. At just two years old CONNOR MCFARLAND goes in for a flu shot with his parents, but the doctor’s poor hygiene causes the standard shot to morph into a strange serum that causes little boys to grow beast-like tendencies when taunted or angered. Six years later, Connor is now is third grade and known to be the quietest in the 30-student classroom. After arriving late to class, he’s subjected to relentless bullying from his peers, including name-calling, taunting, paper balls being thrown, just to name a few.

Although their teacher MS. GARRETSON tries to stop the bullying, it always happens when her back faces the class. But soon, Connor reaches full rage, screams, and dives for the corner, where he plugs his ears and curls into himself. Although the biggest bully, JASON, suspects Connor is faking his anger to get attention, everyone else believes there’s something more going on. Ms. Garretson attempts to console Connor, but they’re forced to bring his big sister CASEY MCFARLAND in to help settle him down. She explains the truth about Connor’s past and reveals that the only way for his full rage to disappear is to offer him some kind words. Immediately, the students compliment Connor on all his positive attributes. Even the nastiest bullies speak kindly to Conner as he slowly returns to normal. Ms. Garretson ends the day by asking the students about the valuable lesson they have learned, as they stop treating Connor differently for simply being different.

‘Beast Factor’is making a huge debut throughout the country during October which is National Bully Prevention Month. ‘Beast Factor’ willpremiere at Galveston Island Film Festival & Conference on October 6th, 2018 in Galveston, Texas. Also, the epic movie will get to premier at the 2018 MPAC Film Fest Event happening in Houston, Texas on October 11-13.

“I am hoping that everyone will come out and see my movie and after seeing it they become more aware of the serious consequences of bullying and realize NO ONE IS BORN A BULLY!” said Michael Myles Hayes director of ‘Beast Factor.’

About the Director

Michael Myles Hayes is known to be an actor, musician and business owner. At 9, he wrote and directed his first film ‘Beast Factor’. The Texas born actorhas featured in the popular TV mini-series The Long Road Home (2017), Queen Sugar and Undercover Boss. Michael has played prominent roles in films such as The Beach(2018), Monkey Up (2016) and Caeli Auxilium (2015). He’s mission is to work hard and expand his horizons and become the greatest actor ever to be known in Hollywood.

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