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Mobile screen displays are sensitive and any damage or scratches reduces the appeal and functionality of the screen.This is the reason that many lookout for the best screen protector and you can find Mobile Phone Guard Company offering wholesale privacy screen protector and many other tempered glass products suitable for every model phone sold in the market. You can find the company bringing out the best screen protectors to the mobiles of Samsung, iPhone, HTC, Sony, LG and many more with customised design and specifications that best suit to the mobile screen. The iPhone screen protector manufacturer brings out only quality tempered glass protector for any mobile which comes with 9H hardness due to more than 4 hour temperature toughening and also finger print and scratch resistant along with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. By using the tempered glass protector for your mobile display screen you can be rest assured about the protection to the glass even though there is an accidental fall of the mobile or scratches due to coins or keys in your pocket.

You can find the wholesale privacy screen protector brining you this tempered glass in ultra-clear, anti-shock, anti-blue ray, anti-glare, anti-fingerprint, mirror a and also privacy tempered glass for you to make a choice. The privacy glass tempered glass is one of its kind which offers you privacy by blocking out angular visibility of your screen so that no one on your sides can see the content on your mobile. This comes as a privacy anti-spyware screen protector which is super slim with a five layer absorption film and namoultra shutter optical technology. This protector is easy to apply which is bubble free and also protects the screen from dirt, dust and scratches. The privacy glass allows only 90 degrees viewing and beyond that blocks the visibility.

Along with the privacy glass screen protector every other screen protector undergoes mass quality control tests like transmittance test, water droplets testing, anti-finger and anti-scratch testing, ball drop testing etc that confirms the sturdiness and quality of the protector glass before being released in the market. You can buy the proctor screens on a wholesale basis and in case of any defect or fault with the products that shall be replaced immediately. The screen protectors come in the best price and assured quality that anyone using it for their mobile display can relax ensuring the best protection for their mobile.

Mobilephoneguard is the best screen protector manufacturer company in China, offering various types of glasses for all types of Mobile phones. We use high quality Finest- Asahi glass material, it will protect your phone from all the injuries safely and efficiently. Book our service now at

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