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In the light of telecommunication, a terminal is a device that ends the process of telecommunication link; it is a place where a connection enters and exits.

Now Bulk SMS Service is the circulation of large numbers of SMS messages which deliver to mobile phone terminals. All media companies, enterprises, banks and consumer brands use it with the aim of promoting entertainment, mobile marketing and enterprise.

It is commonly used for the following purposes:
1. Creating alerts
2. Creating reminders
3. Marketing keeping in mind to receive information
4. Enhance communication between both staff and customers.

With the help of software, bulk messages are sent and received. The software package available provides the consumer with the opportunity to add the maximum amount of phone numbers which can be managed in various ways.

( API )

Application programming interfaces are popular in bulk messaging that allows programmers to add SMS functionality to any program.

Earlier newspapers, magazines, radio and TV commercials were used to promote a product or a service. But doubtlessly is the fact that they are highly expensive and not all companies have the luxury to use them. Therefore the decision to choose an alternative platform that proves to be effective was much required.

# Why should you invest in this sort of service?

• It is a Cost-Effective Solution

The rapid growth of technology and the effect of its usage have been witnessed by various companies which resulted in the magnification that took place in the communication sector. Life without a mobile phone is unimaginable, and the change is always for good. This remarkable change in the field of communications helped many companies to use this service to be in contact with their potential client.

• How it elevates the notification service

With the inception of each product in the market, it is necessary to inform and thus make the buyers aware of what’s new in the market and what they are benefiting from that product or service. With a forever increase in the market competition, it is essential to retain an old customer and bring in a reasonable amount of new. Promotional SMS Provider helps in promoting the company’s service at a personal level just as Transactional SMS provider informs about the information required to use the service. The gateway enables the companies to send messages that are strategically written to reach the consumer in a matter of seconds.

• Delivery of the message around the clock

It’s a highly convenient way to be available 24 hours of the day. The benefit of a text is that it can deliver regardless of the time and in a couple of seconds. This has made the investment fruitful. This has led the marketers to invest in mobile advertising and marketing.

• Target based

It allows businesses to have a grip on customer data for highly targeted messages. It is a great way to reach personally. With the help of Promotional SMS provider, promoting the product or service and with the advice of Transactional SMS Provider enhancing lucid transaction details between the consumer and the company, it is easier to reach the target.

• To achieve the desired results

And finally the desired effect of selling a product or a service to the targeted audience can be fulfilled with the help of an SMS only which cost efficient, customer based and hardly takes any efforts other than the strategically planned message.