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High Quality Organics provides bulk organic GMO-free ingredients to their clients. Its high-quality ingredients are sourced from hundreds of partner family farms globally.

[RENO, 08/23/2018] – High Quality Organics (HQO) supplies more than three thousand organic, Genetically Modified Organism (GMO)-free ingredients to customers. Partnering with hundreds of family-run farms from over 30 countries in six continents, HQO guarantees the high standard of its products.  The company works closely with its partner farms to ensure quality and consistency across all ingredients.

Partnering with Family-Owned Farms

HQO is affiliated with hundreds of family farms from different countries to make sure that their ingredients are certified GMO-free and that they are of high quality and safe for consumption.

Its business relationship with family-owned-and-managed farms allows HQO to monitor even the very first step of the business – how the ingredients are grown. It also gives HQO access to seed sourcing, the production and manufacturing process, and the transportation and distribution of ingredients. This way, HQO can ensure the consistent quality of their organic GMO-free ingredients.

Moreover, it is HQO’s mission to partner with companies that share the same commitment to sustainability, fair trade, and biodiversity. Growers working with HQO not only receive fair wages, they also have opportunities to learn new skills for their own career advancement.

Providing Bulk GMO-Free Ingredients

HQO believes that GMO-free ingredients are important for human health, and that these products adhere with its advocacy to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place.

Over 3,000 bulk GMO-free ingredients provided directly by partner farmers are on sale this month at HQO. Their ingredients, which include botanicals, herbs and spices, dehydrated teas, and grains are certified organic and GMO-free. People from HQO ensure the quality of their products by testing the ingredients before transportation and distribution to clients.

About High Quality Organics

High Quality Organics is a 40-year-old privately-owned company. It is the only all-organic food ingredient company in North America and supplies high-quality GMO-free ingredients to clients in Nevada, Europe, and the Netherlands.

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