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Huntley, IL (August 15, 2018) – Most computer program users know the importance of product keys. So, when they lose the keys, they are highly frustrated. They need not have to worry anymore. They can find product keys for installed programs from KeyGetter.

The good thing about KeyGetter platform is that it allows users to find keys for more than 8000 software products that are being used by users for long. With the help of KeyGetter software, the users can find lost software key in seconds.

KeyGetter brings back the lost key by helping the users to scan the local or network computers and they can recover more than 8000 software license key using this tool. The key features of KeyGetter make it stand out from the other such programs available in the market.

Yes, the huge list of support programs makes KeyGetter special. Further, the users can export the recovered data to text file and HTML. The advanced scanning is yet another feature that needs a mention here. The network support, automatic updates and facility to change product key without reinstalling software are other added advantages of KeyGetter.

About KeyGetter:
The main purpose of KeyGetter is to help people find product keys for installed programs. The facility is offered for more than 8000 programs.

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