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Receive fast, easy, and convenient hard money loans in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Monroe Funding Corporation. The company’s services come with flexible payment terms customized to fit the needs of its customers.

[Fort Lauderdale, 8/10/2018] – People who need money fast, or require a loan despite a poor credit score may not be successful securing one with banks. During these cases, they must turn to other loan options. For borrowers who own real estate properties, hard money lenders, like Monroe Funding Corporation are the most convenient option.

Unlike banks, hard money lenders do not compute for a borrower’s ability to pay or examine their credit history. Should the borrower default, the collateral real estate goes to the company. The only downside to this option is the higher interest rates, but for money lenders such as Monroe Funding Corporation, borrowers in Florida have flexible financing options with customized payment plans.

Flexible Payment Plans

Monroe Funding Corporation’s flexible real estate financing packages come in competitive rates and terms compared to other companies. It offers zero prepayment penalties and personalized services, making it fast, efficient, and easy for interested borrowers.

Monroe Funding Corporation does not adhere to one payment solution.Before pre-approval, the borrower and the company’s representative will discuss a mutually agreeable payment plan that will be easier for the borrower to comply.

Application for Loans

To apply for a loan, borrowers need to call Monroe Funding Corporation or fill out the online application form. They must present the collateral property, which the company will examine. Its rates start at 11.99 percent payable on a two-year term, which can extend if the loan is in good standing. Borrowers can request a loan up to 75 percent of the value of the property.

After the company’s team understands the type of loan needed, they can pre-approve borrowers within minutes and forward pre-approval letters. Once the borrower provides the requirements needed, the company approves the loan. The entire process takes less than a week, for most cases.

About Monroe Funding Corporation

Monroe Funding Corporation is a private hard money lender serving Central and South Florida. It aims to offer the best loan packages at the lowest possible cost. With its customized financial solutions and quick approvals, clients will have an easier process of applying for loans with the company compared to traditional banks.

Receive funding from a trusted hard money lender. Contact Monroe Funding Corporation today. Visit their website