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Live music venue
If you are looking for a place to enjoy an expertly made craft cocktail, the tastiest wood-fire pizza in NYC and live music in broadways you can check out haswell greens, haswells green is one of the best bars in time squares that offers nothing but the best craft cocktails in new york city, delicious dishes and an entertaining live music performance. When it comes to the delicious craft beer this beer hall in broadway NYC serves nothing but the best craft beer in NYC, they have a popular selection of craft beer and if you are looking for a beer menu that is regularly updated with the trendiest craft beer you can get them here at this beer hall, haswell greens at broadway district NYC offers you the latest craft beer and when it comes to the tasty craft cocktails you can get everything from their inventive selection of cocktails to some of the latest signature artisan cocktails.
When it comes to the delicious dishes that is served at this bar in broadsway NYC, they have everything that you can possibly need for a fun-filled experience, bringing you the best gastronomic experience to midtown west, this beer hall serves nothing but delicious dishes and when it comes to their selection of food you can get the tastiest cuisines made by one of the best chefs in midtown, known for their penchant for cooking, this pub serves delicious wood-fire pizza in NYC, delicious delicacies and many more tasty cuisines that you will love to have, while you can grab your tasty craft cocktails alongside your dishes, this beer hall also has some of the best live music performances, so, you can enjoy the best live music in midtown.
If you want to enjoy the best live music in times squares you can sure get the best experience at this beer hall, haswell greens brings the best artistes to broadsway offering you sensational music in an inspiring and fun-filled setting, this beer hall is where you will find the best live music in NYC.
At this bar in times squares they also have a bi-level space that is made with the best designs and spacious for any type of occasion you want to host, their beer hall is designed with some of the best designs from the industrial revolution era mixed with contemporary art designs to give it that classy twist, this beer hall is the perfect corporate event space In NYC for any event that you want.
Haswell greens opens on Mondays to Tuesdays by 4 pm to 4 am and also on Wednesdays to Sundays by 11 am to 4 am, you can slide in during the wee hours of the night or come over to grab a tasty craft beer or cocktail during the day time.
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