Santamedical Sm-165 Have 6 Mode LED Display

Santamedical SM-165 is a state of the art device which has got six mode LED display which is easily rotatable and allows versatility of viewing angles. The device is powered by 2 AAA sized batteries. It also comes with a lanyard. The device is simple to use and finds it utility amongst sports persons and mountain climbers. The device is available on Amazon.

Pulse oximeters are devices meant for measuring the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin and have got significant role in medical field for monitoring of many medical conditions. However with increasing advancements, the size of the device is reducing day by day and the utility of the device has found it’s way to out of hospital settings as well. Now these devices are being widely used by sports enthusiasts such as mountain climbers, sports persons, athletes etc.

Santamedical is an established name in manufacturing healthcare products including electro-medical equipments. Santamedical SM-165 is one such high fidelity device which has got good accuracy with a fairly compact size. The device is fitted with 6 mode LED display which is easily rotatable and can be viewed from various angles. The device has got a simple single button de-sign along with self adjusting finger clamp which keep the device simple for use. The device measures SpO2 and pulse simultaneously. This pulse oximeter is powered by two AAA sized batteries which are included within the pack. Also included in the pack are a lanyard and a user manual. The device also meets the certification criteria by US FDA and is fairly quick in measurements.

The pulse oximeter comes with the 100 percent money-back guarantee from the manufacturer. If you don’t like the product, you can ship it back and get your money back. The device is readily available on Amazon & Walmart and just a click away from you. So just order your device today and get help in scheduling your work out plans.