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Giza, Egypt : ACAD Corp. offers the most prominent technical and behavioral training programs in the Mena region. The company is now taking an advanced step for executives and business professionals through talent management in the workplace.

Since 1974, ACAD Corp. has continued to lead and excel in the field of training and development at both local and international levels. Through their modern training strategies, the company aims to provide its customers with the highest quality of consulting and training courses in Dubai. Talent management is the process to recruit, train, and retain qualified employees whose skills best align with the needs and objectives of the company. Since talent management is an integral part to achieve success for any organization, ACAD Corp. offers talent management in the workplace to effectively address their goals and business needs in order to improve business performance in the long run.

Talent management not only contributes to the financial benefits of the company but also improves the company’s culture. Hence, it is essential for the business executives and professionals to learn strategies through the talent management courses offered by ACAD Corp. Here are the main objectives that are covered by the company during their training sessions:

Define talent and talent management
Understand the benefits of talent management
Recognize performance management and ways to review talent
Identify employee engagement strategies
Create assessments and training programs for the individuals
Learn how to improve employee retention
No matter whether you are at the organizational, departmental or employee level, talent management courses ensure that all your business goals are being met in a satisfactory manner.

Learn talent management at ACAD Corp. and hire the best employees and professionals for your business so that the company reaches its maximum potential for success. Call (+2) 37482430 for more details.

About the Company:

Arab Consulting And Development Corporation – ACAD Corp. is the leading provider of training programs and consulting services for HR, project management, sales, marketing, leadership, management and more in the MENA region.

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Giza, Egypt
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