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Abu Dhabi, Dubai (July 07, 2018) – UniRef is the international Swiss Humanitarian Charity Organization. This organization has taken an initiative to achieve their goal of creating a world, where education reaches everyone without any difference in nationality, religion, gender and age. This initiative aims at providing the right education to refugees.

The refugees are those in the Emirati-Jordanian camp in Jordan. In this move, UniRef has successfully equipped the camp with the form of proper vocational training and education for nearly 7,50,000 refugees.

To this initiative, the Al Badie Group has extended great support. Not just by funding, ABG also helped the initiative by sharing their expertise. When talking about the help extended by ABG, the representative of UniRef said: “The relentless help of the group’s management represented by Mr. Khaled Al Badie has greatly eased the implementation of the UniRef mission and given a major benefit to war victims in the Middle East.”

In fact, the invitation was given by Al Badie Group to the UniRef’s founders to provide education to the refugees of Emirati-Jordanian Camp.

About Al Badie Group:
In addition to performing at their best in the business arena, the Al Badie Group is also making their contribution to the noble causes like education to refugees.

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