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With the likes of many local e-commerce players around the market comes with a variety of options to get your quirky accessories online , hence sometimes its hard to get to know which ones to be trusted and tried for.
Hamee India an Indian division of Hamee Corp., the number one online cell phone accessory store in Japan since 1998 aims in making a complete turn around with its cute and stylish accessories to complete your work desk and living room.

Based out of Gurgaon, Hamee India was co-founded in 2015 by Pratik Nayek (Ex. DU, MIT) with over 5 years of residing in Japan and US decided to bring in the Japanese culture and brand to the Indian Market. The company aims to provide products deep rooted with the Indian culture but with the trust and quality from Japan.

With a huge range of products ranging from Mobile and Macbook Covers, Popoutsockets, Slim Water Bottles , Desk Accessories, Planners and Notebooks to Wooden Products, Leather Products , Coffee Mugs and other fashion accessories ranging for over 1000 products in their store.

With one of the first of its kind Hamee India also has its own official mascot for sale. The name “Chibu” is inspired by Buddha and believes to be in meditating state all the time. The Chill factor is there with “Chibu” making it really something to keep around and snuggle when needed.
The Plush toy has been in huge demand and has already been covered by media overseas. Watch out for “Chibu” cause it will definitely put a smile on your face.

Revolving around customized products Hamee India plans to make itself a complete accessory store which has its designs all made in-house making it unique and not available in the market easily. “We want to make a complete range of own designed products which are based on the thoughts and expressions of what the the millennials think and do“ says its founder Pratik Nayek.
Believing in making something valuable for the youth the team consists of young minds mostly who have successfully understood and created relatable products in the market

With a 75% year-on-year growth and is looking forward to double its numbers in the coming years . Due to the huge range of categories being favored they are planning to open pop-up stores in all major cities. “We will be creating pop-up stores which have gained much popularity in the recent times, the value of touching and seeing your product makes the customer confident and leads to a quicker decision” says Pratik Nayek.
Hamee India has been invested from Japan and are continuously expanding its resources to become the leader in the market. With a presence in over 5 countries Hamee India plans to bring in designer products from overseas in India.

Definitely a place you would want to scroll online !