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Steel City Garage Doors expands their catalog to include more garage door styles and materials. With a wider range of options, it’s easier for homeowners to find a unit that will blend well with the rest of their existing architecture.

[PITTSBURGH, 07/13/2018] – Steel City Garage Doors, a trusted provider of residential and commercial garage doors, expands their product portfolio to cater to the needs and preferences of more customers.

Making the Selection Process Easier

For some home architecture styles an and design elements, finding the right garage door can be a challenging task. Wooden swing doors, for instance, may look out of place on a modern minimalist home, just as sleek, tempered glass garage doors may not fare well with a rustic home.

To accommodate the exacting preferences of modern homeowners, Steel City Garage Doors improves their already robust catalog to include more style and material options.

Here are some of the most popular materials in their portfolio:

• Steel
• Vinyl
• Wood
• Fiberglass
• Aluminum
• Aluminum with Glass (The glass can be regular, tinted, or frosted)

Clients who need an expert’s take on the material and style that will best suit their homes are encouraged to get in touch with one of the company’s professional design consultants.

Hassle-Free Experience

Steel City Garage Doors provides a hassle-free garage door installation process. The company’s workmanship is second to none to provide clients with high-quality, long-lasting doors. They also offer round-the-clock emergency garage door replacement services. Their fleet is fully equipped with tools, equipment, and replacement parts to carry out the job as quickly as possible.

About Steel City Garage Doors

Steel City Garage Doors has more than two decades of experience serving the garage door installation need of residents in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. The company’s team provides expert assistance with every step involved with garage door replacement or new installation, from design to installation and everything in between. The family-owned and locally-operated company takes pride in providing durable and functional garage doors that dramatically enhance a property’s curb appeal.

Learn more about the company or view their catalog. Visit