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Baltimore, Maryland, USA : Jadesara is a mug manufacturing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The unique feature of the mugs designed and developed by Jadesara is that they are able to change colors easily. These mugs with changing color feature almost seem like a magical thing when viewed under different heating conditions.

The mugs effectively change its colors depending on whether the liquid in the mug is hot or cold. In some cases, the color of the mug only changes to give rise to a new shade whereas in others, they slowly give away to reveal hidden images, shapes and artwork. This unique element makes these mugs completely one of a kind and ideal for personal collection. They can also be offered as gifts to a loved one.

The best thing about the coffee mugs offered by Jadesara is that they can be completely personalized to meet the design and look preferences of the users for which they are meant for. This means that anyone can get a personal message written over the mug or beautify it with a meaningful image. To know more about these mugs, open the site