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With celebrities sporting beautiful smiles, it is no surprise that there is an increased interest in dental treatment particularly to achieve a great smile. A Hollywood smile is no longer for the rich and famous, dental procedures have become both effective and affordable. Dental veneers in Dubai are one of the most popular dental treatment that is non-invasive, less complex and the quickest path to achieving the desired smile.

Dental veneers treatment are effective to correct many dental flaws and irregularities which include repairing cracked teeth, gapped teeth and stained teeth. Veneers are tooth coloured shells that are fitted over the surface of the front teeth. It is usually placed on the front surface of the teeth and upper jaw which is what is visible when a person laughs and smiles.

Dental veneers treatment in Dubai is a simple and safe procedure. It takes no more than two dental visits to complete the treatment. The first visit is a consultation during which the patient can discuss the design of the new smile with their dentist. The second time the patient visit the dentist’s office it is to get the veneers fixed.

If patients are wondering how their smile is created to fit the customized design, the Head of Montreal International Clinic stated that, “The model of your smile is sent to the laboratory. We carefully select the veneers colour to fit with your natural teeth, although patients can request to enhance the whiteness and brightness of their smile.” He further stated, “Our goal at Montreal is to give our patients an aesthetically pleasing smile they can be proud and confident of.”

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