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Senior Helpers provides credentialing and training to caregivers in Rancho Cucamonga to enhance their job performance and to provide the right level of care for seniors.

[CHICAGO, 06/25/2018] – Senior Helpers is offering credentialing and training for caregivers to provide quality care for seniors. The home care company believes that it is vital for caregivers to receive the latest training, allowing them to meet the unique needs of older adults.

The Process

Senior Helpers requires caregivers to undergo a thorough screening before they become an official employee of the company. This ensures that they are fit and qualified for the position.

Senior Helpers also requires each caregiver to participate in the Senior Helpers University program, a critical component of our caregiver training that helps us deliver the highest quality of home health care services in Upland and surrounding communities.

In line with this effort, Senior Helpers also complies with every national and licensing requirement, so its caregivers receive proper credentials. We aim to bring peace of mind to families who recognize that their senior loved ones are not getting the right level of care they need and/or deserve.
Senior Helpers adds that all caregivers have the chance to join the company’s continuous learning program. Participating caregivers would receive credit toward the Senior Helpers Certification.

Caregivers who join the program must complete at least eight modules each year on different topics such as:
• Understanding Fall Risk Factors
• Food Preparation and Safety
• Understanding Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The Senior Gems™ Approach

Senior Helpers takes a positive perspective when it comes to Alzheimer’s and dementia care so the company’s professional, trained caregivers utilize the Senior Gems™ Approach. This unique approach focuses on what seniors with Alzheimer’s can do instead of what they cannot.

To further understand which stage of dementia an individual is experiencing, Senior Helpers collaborates with Teepa Snow, a recognized dementia expert and registered occupational therapist.

About Senior Helpers

Senior Helpers provides affordable and dependable care for seniors to improve their quality of life. The organization supports clients along with their families, employees, and the community. The home care company is a leading home care company, setting a new standard of care across the nation.

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