Masterflow Offers the Aquazone Buffer Tank to Keep Data Centres Cool During Power Outages

Data centres need a constant source of cooling to avoid IT equipment from overheating during a power failure. Masterflow offers the Aquazone Buffer Tank as an effective cooling system.

[WETHERILL PARK, 14/6/2018] – A data centre relies on an uninterrupted power supply. If a power outage occurs, a few seconds are lost before the generator starts and the systems return to full operation. This glitch can result in loss of data and equipment overheating. Using an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) assures continuous power for critical IT equipment; it also powers chilled water or fan cooling systems that prevent the equipment from overheating.

Using Thermal Storage

Thermal storage delays the effects of a chilled water system failure. A thermal storage tank provides up to eight hours of back-up cooling. For peak hours, a building operator can save energy costs by using the thermal storage tank to cool the data centre for a certain period of time, and still maintain an hour of reserve cooling during a power glitch.

Selecting the right size of a thermal storage tank is crucial for its cooling capability. Using a small tank for a large data centre will quickly drain the tank of its chilled water. On the other hand, using a large tank for a small data centre can have space limitations and reduced thermal storage efficiency.

The Aquazone Buffer Tank

Masterflow offers the Aquazone Buffer Tank for thermal storage; it is designed for chilled water systems with inadequate water volume. The tank prevents issues such as poor temperature control, excessive compressor cycles and inconsistent system operation. It eliminates the need for low load chillers and provides data centres with chilled water during a power failure.

The Aquazone tank comes with standard accessories and extras. Isolating valves, pipe pieces and a relief valve are the three standard accessories. Optional accessories include sparge pipes, air release valves and level gauges. Using the Aquazone Buffer Tank provides a cost-efficient way to keep your data centre cool and operational.

About Masterflow

Masterflow is a solutions-oriented company that provides a comprehensive range of customised equipment for pumping, storing and filtering liquid for the HVAC industry. They offer technical assistance on buffer tank sizing, pump selections, system design and more.

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