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Missing teeth can have two meanings. The first is the literal definition, which means the tooth is actually missing from the mouth. The other might be the feeling of loss that comes with losing a tooth or several teeth, as it can have a negative impact on both the appearance of someone’s smile and their overall health.

[MANCHESTER, 7/6/2018] — In Manchester, Smylife offers dental implants to patients who have experienced tooth loss.

At Smylife, dental implants can benefit the oral health and aesthetics of a smile. By replacing the tooth once lost with dental implants at Smylife, the gaps that would once accumulate more plaque are filled in, leaving less room for complications like tooth decay and gum disease to occur. In cases where missing teeth go untreated, the jawbone and surrounding tissues can deteriorate and it can compromise the structure of the jawbone. By restoring the structure, people are also looking to prevent the sunken look that comes with tooth loss. At Smylife, dental implants are there to restore the oral health of patients and put the self-confidence back into their smile.

Dental implants at Smylife

At Smylife, dental implants look and function in the same way that natural teeth do. The procedure for dental implants begins with a fitting of a small titanium screw into the jawbone. This acts as a natural root, which will fuse with the bone over time and restore stability. Once healed, a bridge or crown can be secured to the artificial root. Dental implants at Smylife can replace a single tooth, several or all of the teeth, but the result of a sturdy and confident smile will be the same.

At Smylife, it is understood that some patients may be fearful of dental implants. This is why Smylife listens to what the patient would feel most comfortable with, and offers sedation to patients who feel especially nervous before dental implants. This ensures that the procedure can be as painless as possible for a patient at Smylife, while giving them the hope of a complete set of teeth that they can’t wait to smile with.

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