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Funky Lenses has a huge collection of products within this sector making it one of the key providers of coloured contact lenses in the world. With lenses that complement specific characters or themes such as comic book superheroes like Hulk, or classic Halloween archetypes like Vampires and werewolves, the company caters to a large market of customers who want to add the finishing touch to their existing outfits.

Other products offered by the company include multiple variations of colour, shape and pattern allowing users to be highly creative with their costume combinations. From Aqua to Orange and clock faces to pixel grids, there is something for everyone.

These costume lenses can be used to truly adopt a fun and exciting fictional persona, instantly transforming the appearance of those who wear them. Common characters include zombies, ghosts, witches, Japanese anime characters and devils. Funky Lenses also offer a glowing UV range that lets wearers stand out in the dark.

Keeping prices low and affordable for its customers is a key aspect of Funky Lenses’ offerings as a brand. Without compromising on quality or safety, users can purchase multiple contact lenses as accessories for their various costume events throughout the year.

As an established brand and reliable source, Funky Lenses also offers users reassurance when using their product. It is a safe and comfortable product that adheres to all the relevant regulations. Manufactured within the UK to the highest standards, these lenses are both safe and reliable.