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LSoft Technologies, one of the leading developers of disk utility tools, is happy to announce the launch of Active@ LiveCD 5, the latest edition of its high-end software suite. Providing everything you need for safe and secure data recovery, backup, security and hard drive maintenance, this software consists of a wide range of tools accessed through a fully self-contained operating environment that doesn’t depend on a regular operating system to run. Instead, you can boot up your computer, even if it has no operating system or a non-functioning one installed, using an optical disk or USB flash drive.

What’s New in Active@ LiveCD 5?

Active@ LiveCD 5 includes the latest versions of many important disk utility tools – Active@ KillDisk 11, Active@ UNDELETE 12, Active@ Disk Editor 7, Active@ Password Changer 8 and Active@ Partition Recovery 16. Even more importantly, the latest suite has switched over to the Linux KDE 5 graphical user interface for increased usability and functionality. This includes all the latest features of the new interface design to provide a fully functional operating system. Furthermore, you will also have access to many of the everyday computing applications, such as a notepad, web browser and calculator. To make initial setup easier, the Linux archive also supports LVM and dynamic volumes.

If you’re looking for a unified system for maintaining and diagnosing your computer, even in situations where your everyday operating system has been rendered completely unworkable, the, Active@ LiveCD is the suite you need. If your goal is data recovery or secure data deletion, then this software also provides everything you need. Get started today at