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researchFOLKS’ ’‘Brazil Cards and Payments Market Analysis” report offers a distinct range of possibilities in the market of payment cards along with the accurately validated statistics of operational cards in the market and their total transactional values. It suggests profitable marketing strategies considering the competitive landscape in the market, purchase trends, payments options in online trade and significant government frameworks impacting the overall payment cards market of Brazil.
Our report kindles the hidden opportunities with dependable information about different types of card transactions, volumes of cardholders, market proportion, current accounts, increase within the number of cards, credit cards outstanding balances, transactional values, details of the issuers at the side of available banking schemes and futuristic analysis of overall cards and payment marketplace in Brazil.

Highlights of the report:
The penetration of pay now and pay later cards in the different areas of the market. A profound understanding of the aggregate number of cards available for use, the average number of transactions and their total market value along with the different application features of payment cards.
The transformation of customer preferences towards EMV cards and contactless cards at point-of-sales terminals and the rapid adoption of mobile and electronic wallets offered by card issuers or other service providers through acquisitions that impacted the growth of e-commerce industry.

The increased use of Credit cards in the market with the decreased fees and interest rates by the new rules introduced by the National Monetary Council (NMC). As per these rules, the cardholders can pay their debt in installments with lower interest if they fall in the revolving credit line and fail to pay off the total in the first month of revolving credit line.

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The growing adoption of alternative payment options provides new opportunities to scheme providers like Visa and MasterCard to launch their wallet services like Visa Checkout and Masterpass. In addition, several service providers like Google and Samsung introduced their mobile wallets Android Pay and Samsung Pay respectively. Samsung Pay is currently supported by leading banks like Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), Banco do Brasil, Brasil Pré-Pagos, Porto Seguro, and Banco Santander Brasil.
Digital-only banks are making their way rapidly into the Brazilian market, and the first mobile-only bank Nubank started providing services to its customers through their smartphones. In 2016, introduced its digital-only bank Neon, which uses customer face recognition as authentication to access their services and perform any transactions.

List of companies mentioned in the report:
Banco Bradesco
Caixa Econômica Federal
Banco Santander Brasil
Itaú Unibanco
HSBC Bank Brasil S.A.
Banco do Brasil
American Express

Scope of the report:
The functioning of Brazil’s cards and payments market and complete analysis of the market drivers
It provides conventional and contemporary information about payment cards of Brazil and market predictions till 2022
It details the emerging payment solutions and their economic, regional and business impact on the cards and payments industry of Brazil
Detailed information about existing market leaders, their strategies and government policies driving the payment cards market

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