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Aurora, IL/2018: If your child has trouble in identifying correct spelling of a word, them it is best to resort to certain tools that can help him/her improve this. Enhance your child’s vocabulary & reading skills with the help of See-N-Spell™, a tool offered by See-N-Read® Reading Tools. The Aurora, IL based company provides tools that significantly help kids suffering from dyslexia increase their reading fluency. It also helps them understand the correct usage of different words.

About See-N-Spell™

The main motive of this tool is to help kids improve their reading skills as well as build their academic vocabulary. It can assist children in identifying the correct spelling & usage of words that sound-alike i.e. homophones. This tool booklet contains 40-pages, which are divided into three different sections to make it easier to use.

• Most Commonly Used Vocabulary Words
• Commonly Misspelled Words
• My Special Interest Words

Benefits Of Using See-N-Spell™

• Helps in improving spellings & enhances vocabulary of kids.
• Contributes towards improving a child’s hold on the language.
• Assists readers in identifying the correct spelling & usage of homophones.
• Helps kids know how to spell different words while conversing.
• Brings into writer’s knowledge more than 300 most commonly used words along with most commonly misspelt words in American English.

Other Products Being Offered

• See-N-Read® – Reading intervention tools that aim at improving reading skills of kids by reducing distractions on a page & allowing them to focus on the line being read.

• MemoryMark™ – A reading strip that enables regular readers to take notes, underline & highlight the important information to emphasize it.

• eSee-N-Read™ – An innovative & highly effective electronic reading tool that focuses on enhancing on-screen reading speed & reducing screen-induced strain on eyes.

• ColorTAG™ – A study toolkit which is used to identify main idea of any information while reading or writing by using a color-based approach.

For further information regarding See-N-Spell™, a reading tool offered by See-N-Read® Reading Tools, you can call at (630) 236-5592 or visit at 2533, Sutton Lane, Aurora, IL 60502-9461. You can also log on to their website