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Carlos Agustín Ahumada Kurtz, president of the Argentine Chamber of Solar Energy, comments on the benefits of solar energy. He points out that its numerous benefits place it as one of the most promising. Solar energy is renewable, non-polluting and available throughout the planet, contributing to sustainable development and employment generation in the areas where it is implemented.

Likewise, the simplicity of this technology makes it ideal for use in isolated points of the network, rural areas or areas that are difficult to access. Solar energy is also useful for generating electricity on a large scale and injecting it into networks, especially in geographical areas whose meteorology provides abundant hours of sunshine per year, he said.

Solar collector modules require a relatively simple maintenance which, together with the progressive and accelerated decrease in the cost of photovoltaic cells explain the favorable perspectives currently available for solar technology. The solar plants, in addition, do not emit polluting gases and are extremely silent, Ahumada said.

Another beneficial aspect of the energy that comes from the sun is its condition as a generator of local wealth, since its implantation in a country diminishes the energy dependence of other countries. While it is true that solar energy – such as wind power – is intermittent, that is, directly dependent on meteorology or day-night cycles, the rapid advance experienced by electrical storage technologies will increasingly minimize this circumstance and increase the participation of this type of energy in the energy system. The President of CAES noted that Argentina is giving special importance to this type of renewable energy, creating the laws that regulate it and promoting projects and investments in this area for the development of our country.