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It has become quite easy and simple for corporate travellers now a days to take care of almost all things travel-related. Right from getting flight tickets booked to getting hotel reservations, an online booking engine for corporates and enterprises gets it all done. Since travel portals are always there to take care of online travel booking and travel management, as a business traveller, one would want to focus on other aspects that would increase one’s efficiency, which, in turn, would mean expansion and growth of the business.

In this write-up, we focus on such aspects. Here are some of the most important ones:-

1. Carry all your documents

The importance of a document is known to all and sundry. While travelling, one must ensure that one has with oneself all the necessary documents that are needed while travelling as well as those related to business. Some of the necessary documents to be checked before embarking on the trip include the passport, the Visa (that applies, of course, if the business trip happens to be in a foreign location) along with the hard copy of the flight tickets (if necessary) and other crucial documents related to business, such as proposals, agreements etc.

2. Dress to impress

While on a business trip, make sure that you carry the best of formal wear that not only fits perfectly but also makes you feel comfortable. Attending a business meeting being perfectly dressed lends you a whole new level of confidence while also leaving a positive impression on the attendees. That effectively means successfully bagging new projects, which ultimately means growth and expansion of a business.

3. Shoe matter as much as your attire does

A perfect pair of shining, formal shoes is as important in making an impression as is your attire. While choosing formal shoes for yourself for the business meet or the presentation, keep in mind that comfort is as important as the look and texture of the shoes. Moreover, it is important to choose shoes that go well with your attire.

4. Well preparedness for the business meeting boosts your confidence

Being well prepared for the scheduled presentations and/or business meetings will give you an edge over your competitors in securing new business projects and partners. For presentations, it is advisable to rehearse well and for business meetings, one should have all the data, figures and statistics.

5. An extra pair of clothes might come in handy

It is a sign of one’s foresightedness to always carry an additional pair of formal clothes, should any situation of emergency arise. On similar lines, one must also carry an extra pair of shoes.

6. Choose the perfect hotel

In choosing the best hotel for yourself, consider its location, the services and facilities offered and its proximity to the places your visit is scheduled to, as per your itinerary.

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