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Involving children in the divorce process is the most terrific thing and when it comes to child custody, you should hire a knowledgeable Naples child custody attorney. While hiring an attorney, you should be careful on certain factors. The previously handled cases of the lawyer should be analyzed and get informed about their success rate. Find out what were the causes of the cases which have been failed.

You can ask your friends and family about the lawyers. Apart from being expertise in child custody, the attorneys should also be aware of litigation and settlement. During initial consultation clarify all doubts in the case. Ask them the possibilities in the case and what outcomes you can expect from it. The attorney should be able to handle any type of situation. And finally, talk about the fee structure. Depending on all these factors make a decision.

Child Custody, Child Support, and Parenting Plans

The court mainly aims at deciding the child support which should be favorable to the children. Child support is one of the complicated parts of the divorce process. When court comes forward in child support, it will consider many things. It will consider any abandonment, abuse faced by the child. The education and other related issues, physical as well as mental health of the parents, the relationship between parents and the children, the location of the couple, the residence of the children and more will be analyzed by the court.

When the court decides, parents will not be given any option to change. Therefore, it is beneficial when the parents come together in deciding the child support. They can deal with themselves or can call any middleman or mediator. The parents should aim at the growth of their children and how they are going to raise up them. They must discuss all the issues and how can they get rid of it such as time sharing that is how much time the parents will spend with their children, health, other activities apart from school, and other things related to children.

In child support, there are few calculations which have to be made which depends on the parents, net income separately, day care, after-school costs, overnight visits, health insurance, and the number of children. To know more, visit