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The performance and productivity of a commercial space heavily equipped with machineries and equipments greatly depends on the construction. Having said that, the flooring system is very important and with the development of anti-static tiles, most of the commercial spaces are releasing the stress of static electricity generated. The production of static electricity is very harmful and it can be readily curbed with help of anti-static flooring.

The SDT tile is designed and developed with anti-static features and properties which reduces and stops the production of static electricity. Even a small and minute movement like moving of chair or walking across the floor may be potentially damaging. Such kind of movement produces static electricity which might damage the machines and equipments potentially causing a greater amount of loss.
In order to avoid such loss and damage to machines, the anti-static tiles are used by most of the offices and commercial ventures. The tiles are all made of high end quality and one of the important aspects is the ISO 9001 quality approval. Julie Industries are renowned for their Static Smart flooring system using the tiles which are resistant to electrical corrosion and damage that is caused by static electricity.
When it comes to such flooring, the tiles are available in different pattern and types depending on the requirement. The Vinyl SDT tile is mostly used for flooring premises and official spaces which has large equipments and machines. They are used for taking care of commercial area like large server rooms, medical rooms, hospitals, IT rooms etc. It reduces the static electricity production which in turn keeps the machines safe and sound.
The anti-static tiles need proper installation and it is highly recommended that the flooring is done with the tiles only by professionals. The Static smart tiles installation is done very professionally by technicians from Julie Industries. Not only the installation part is important but time to time maintenance of the tiles is equally important for the flooring system to last long.
The tiles are available mostly in vinyl or garden types and it can be equipped depending on the kind of machineries and space available. The tiles must have warranty in order for it to be rectified in case there is any damage within small time frame. The anti-static tiles are largely used for its wide range of applications and benefits. The installation is very easy and does not take massive amount of effort for flooring to be completed.
The tiles are naturally able to resist the static electricity that is produced by movement and rubbing of surfaces against each other. It effectively grounds the static electricity which might inflict and destroy the electronic equipment. It meets all the standards for electrical resistance and is also resistant to damage from harsh chemicals and compounds. It is easy to maintain and clean and gives a splendid appearance in the commercial space. It is largely used in commercial spaces and large companies to increase productivity and minimise any potential electrical based damage.

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