About Crowd Control Fencing

Crowd control fencing is a temporary fencing, also known as crowd control barricades or crowd control barriers. These are individual fencing panels generally made from steel or any lightweight material for ease of manoeuvrability. You might occasionally find crowd control barricades made of plastic. These barriers can be quickly set up and easily removed once the event is over.

Crowd control fencing is most commonly found at public events, parades, political rallies, demonstrations, sports events, concerts, outdoor festivals and trade exhibitions where large crowds are expected. They are used to control the movement of people by event organisers and venue managers. Security personnel and riot police use this type of fencing to control the crowds. You may also find crowd control fencing at construction sites.

Crowd control fencing acts like a barrier both physically and psychologically demarcating zones and “no access” areas. They can also be used to demarcate space for queues and lines. Barricading fences when interlocked are most effective. They cannot be pushed over or toppled by the crowds since they are hooked to each other forming a strong line of continuous fencing which is particularly useful to control a rioting crowd.

In Australia, numerous events are taking place almost throughout the year, drawing large crowds. The success of a public event largely depends on a well organised crowd management. If the crowds of people attending the event are not managed well, it may lead to chaos and injuries, sometimes even death. Event managers depend on temporary fencing and barricades to regulate the flow of people to the designated areas as well as to keep them away from other spaces. As such, there is much demand for crowd control fencing or barricades.

Generally, Site Fencing is manufactured from lightweight materials so that they are easy to handle. The most common type is the steel frame with vertical bars set on a base. Sometimes a chain wire fence is used especially for event management. Crowd control fencing is also made up of aluminium panels or modular style retractable straps. Hoarding style or chain wire steel fencing is generally used to secure off a work area, for example a construction site.

At a sporting event or parade, the panels of the crowd control barricades can be utilised for advertising purposes. The panels can be designed to display the logo or advertise your details and other information that you want to convey to the public.

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