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Industrial Air Purification Market

The global industrial air purification market is growing due to various factors such as environmental awareness, industrialization, and infrastructure. Increasing number of coal, cement, chemical, and thermal industries are degrading the quality of air. This technology helps in purifying the hazardous particles in the environment and improves the quality of air. Increasing demand for energy-efficient products is expected to increase the demand for air purifiers over the forecast period. Air purifiers have High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters which help to clean the air which has been circulated. It is a type of air filter that purifies the air by monitoring small particles and removes them from the atmosphere.

Rising air pollutants including hazardous gases, viruses, and harmful bacteria are increasing continuously because of rapid growth of industries. The rules and regulations related to air quality control has increased. Along with the automotive industry, other industries are also showing tremendous growth. Increasing number of manufacturing industries are increasing the levels of pollution, driving the growth of the air purification market. The sale of passenger cars hit 78.6 million vehicles in 2017. The U.S and China are expected to be the largest automobile markets both in terms of production and sales.

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Air purification helps to clean the dust created by automobile industries and creates a healthy environment. The number of manufacturing units such as food processing units and metal manufacturing is increasing because of rapid growth of population. The high levels of toxins and fumes released by them are harmful for equipment and people. HEPA filter, cartridge, and carbon filter are efficient methods to purify the air. HEPA filter is used to maintain the quality of food and beverages and keep them safe. Production of various components used in the aerospace industry releases dust that must be monitored to keep them at safe levels in order to reduce the risk of damage for both people and products. In addition, strict environmental rules and norms for all manufacturing industries is driving the demand for purifiers.

The air filters market is growing because of improved distribution channels which have opened new channels of sales such as Amazon & Alibaba. These new channels are beneficial to both vendors and end-users as they eliminate the role of middlemen. Rising number of air purifier manufacturers are presently launching new models to serve the demands of individual customers, which is expected to lead to high growth of the industry.

The requirement of high investment in R&D to stay ahead of the competition is expected to hinder the market as the market is highly fragmented due to new entrants. Philips, Eureka Forbes, and Panasonic are major industrial participants along with various new entrants entering the market every year.

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North America holds major share of the Industrial Air Purification Market due to the presence of a large number of industry .The Industrial Air Purification Market in the region is also increasing due to the presence of major countries like the U.S. and their increasing adoption of air purifiers. India and China are expected to contribute significantly to the expansion of the Industrial Air Purification Market in the region due to rapid growth of manufacturing industries. According to IMF, the Indian industrial economy is expected to grow from 6.6 % in 2018 to 6.9% in 2019.

Major players in the Industrial Air Purification Market are Austin Air Systems Ltd., AllerAir Industries., Ltd., Blueair AB, Beijing YADU Science & Technology Co, Daikin Industries, Ltd., Eureka Forbes Ltd, and Honeywell. Remaining cost competitive will help the players to increase their potential in the market and gain competitive advantages. Technology offering, after sale service, and product pricing are some of the key factors adopted by major industry players to capture large Industrial Air Purification Market share.

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