Which Ink and Toner Cartridges you should Use for Printing

Ink and toner cartridges printers are completely different. Both ink and toner have their own benefits.

Getting hard copies is to have permanent evidence of documents. With toner or ink, the digital files get on to the paper. In the inkjet printers ink is used to give the colour on paper. Intoners, a fine powder is used on the laser printers. Toners are more expensive than the ink cartridges bust lasts longer. Printers are completely different for ink and toners cartridges. It is better to know the type of cartridge necessary for the printer. Each printer has its own necessity of cartridges and if a wrong product is ordered, it may not fit into. Ink and toner prints are completely different and they have their own pros and cons.

Ink Gives Quality Pictures
The ink in the cartridge is basically dye or pigment based. In the market, there are more dye-based ink cartridges. They give very true colours and beautiful prints. There is a disadvantage here that the ink is not waterproof. The colour fades after a few years and the documents printed here may vanish too. Pigment-based ink dries quickly and has a fresh finish. Many professional photographers depend on this ink to get the best images or text. Pigment ink resists water and UV light. This ink does not fade off for a lifetime.

Toner is basically powder and it does not cause any stains. If the cartridge is not placed properly there may be a big mess in printing. For monochrome print, just black toner is used. For colour cyan, black, yellow and magenta colour cartridges are used. A drum is also an important unit which fuses the toner powder to the paper. The drum unit may be separate from the cartridge or it may be within. The type of printer decides the presence of drum. Cartridges with drums are more expensive but the customers prefer this most. The printer decides for ink and toner cartridges.

Shelf Life Is Also Considered
Most of the photographers, home offices and residents prefer inkjet printers. Text, photos and colour images are printed best with ink. For regular printing needs, these are the best. For colour and monochrome two different cartridges are used. Even if one colour is less the whole cartridge has to be replaced. Maintenance of the printer may be costly due to the replacement of cartridges. If only printing text is necessary then black ink is used and so it may not get costlier. The cartridges have to be stored and thus shelf life also has to be considered. Approximately the number of cartridges required has to be decided properly to store as the ink may get concentrated if kept for a longer duration.

If high volume printing is required then toner cartridges are the best. For small and medium business, banks and schools this is the best. Here documents with heavy texts and colour prints are got perfectly. Though the technology has improved toner does not suit for photo prints. There are not many sharp images obtained from the powder and thus the photos look dull. The printers have many other options like the scan, copy, fax and printing. These days the printers are wireless where the print command can be given from the tablet, smartphone and laptop.

Compatible cartridges give the best results. The toner cartridges can be printed with full speed. People liking getting documents with high speed prefer toner cartridges. There are many cartridge dealers online. It would be preferable to look into the type of cartridge necessary for the printer before buying. The shelf life also plays an important role where they have to be stored for many days before using. If they are stored for more number of days there are chances of the ink or the powder of ink and toner cartridges to dry up.

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