Select the fashion wedding hair combs for big day

With selecting the right wedding hair comb(, the best and most practical advice is to select the headpiece after the gown has been selected. The design, style and material used to make the tiara should be in relation to the gown selected. Essentially, if the gown has crystals, then the tiara should also have crystals as well. Another important factor is to consider the facial features of the bride. The tiara should complement the bride’s beauty, drawing the crowd’s attention to her rather than be overwhelmed by the design of the tiara.

Over time, several alternatives to using tiaras have arisen. One popular option is to use bridal combs. With wedding combs, flowers or feathers are often elements commonly found incorporated with the design. In comparison with using tiaras, bridal combs tend to be smaller. As these are commonly placed on just one side of the bride’s head, they tend to make the look asymmetrical. Wedding combs can be placed around the lower end of an upswept hairdo or tilted and placed on one side of the head.

Bridal hair combs( serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose. As an accessory, they add detail to any hairstyle and complete the look of the blushing bride. These types of bridal accessories also achieve a functional duty, securing the veil on the bride’s head. The visor veil type is the most common type which uses bridal combs.

For brides that would like to use have a loose hairstyle or with curls, using bridal combs with a floral or feather design can effectively compliment these types of hairstyles. Wedding combs are normally used with upswept or hairstyles that are piled quite high. However, brides should also take note of the natural thickness of their hair. It may be difficult to keep the hairstyle and bridal comb pieces in place with brides that have naturally thin hair. One way around this is by adding additional hairpieces or hair extensions. Some expert hairstylists place additional pieces of hair which can add both a body to the existing hair strands as well as providing a base to hold the bridal combs or other hair accessories in place.

A new and trendy way of placing hair accessories is by placing a combination of natural flowers into the hairdo. It is important to note when using this type of accessory to consider the bouquet that the bride will be carrying. The flowers on the bride’s hair should complement the bouquet. Simplicity is key when using this style. A few small flowers or rosebuds with a few leaves will do. Placing more will overwhelm the bride’s hairstyle, making it look as if she has an entire garden placed on her head.