What, When and Where To Use Text-to-Speech Feature of Voice SMS?

Making the web platforms more accessible for people who’re unable to read a text SMS, the text-to-speech feature by bulk voice sms india service provider is the generation of synthesized speech from text.

On each passing day, voice solutions have become common as everything nowadays from apps to digital books to the website have their own voice. This computer-based generated speech is widely used as an element that allows people to obtain and process information without focusing on a screen for the same.

Advantages of text to speech service-

This smart technology offers several amazing benefits to consumers, businesses, educational institutes, personal users etc. Whether you’re a business owner who’s looking for your next competitive edge or an individual looking to learn a new language, text to speech service can be used in a variety of ways that helps to achieve your goals.

Wider Accessibility
Text-to-speech provides accessibility to those people who are illiterate and unable to read. This method works as an alternative way for them to receive information or updates.

Any written content can be converted into a multimedia experience with a text-to-voice solution of voice sms service that people can listen while on the go or even when multitasking.

Easy communication through this offers flexibility to work from anyplace, anytime by simplifying and streamlining the content.

Different Uses of text-to-speech


Send & receive every information timely!

ATM- A proper audio guidance on money withdrawal, cheque deposit, and account balance.

Weather notification- Stay informed all the time with daily weather updates via a mobile app.

Medical prescription label- For the visually impaired person, make medication process simpler using text-to-speech.

Convert your written words into audio!

Audiobooks/news- Don’t waste to read your favorite books, articles or even news updates. Just listen to it in audio form.

Training module- Create audio training modules for your users.

Websites- Enable your website to increase the accessibility for all kinds of visitors.

Add a fun along with the information!

Language- Enhance your language skills or learn a new language.

Business orientation- Get to know about each and every detail of the company and its working.

Training simulation- Simple stepwise audio instructions that enable people to follow along.

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