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The report titled “India ATM Cash Management Market Forecast to 2023 – by ATM Replenishment, Cash in Transit, Cash Pickup and Delivery and Vaulting Services, Bullion Management, and Cash Processing” provides a comprehensive analysis of India ATM Cash Management Services market introduction and genesis, market size by revenue and working model. The report provides competitive landscape of major players in India Cash Management Services market such as CMS Info System, SIS Prosegur, Brink’s Arya, Writer Safeguard, Securevalue, Logicash and Radiant Cash. The report also covers future projections. The report is useful for ATM Managed service providers, Cash management companies, ATM Manufacturers, White Label ATM Management companies, Banks, Reserve Bank of India (RBI), ATM Switch companies, Cash Reconciliation companies, Digital payments merchants and other stake holders to align their market centric strategies according to ongoing and expected trends in the future.
Market Overview:
Until 2000s, banks were offering the ATM services only to their branch customers. With the aim to progress towards a cashless economy, the banks enabled the concept of branchless banking and hence allowed their account holders as well as non-account holders (belonging to other banks) to withdraw cash from their ATMs. Post 2010, banks started to outsource management of ATM to specialized ATM managed services companies. This initiative has helped banks to enhance their penetration in rural and urban areas, on the onset of rising competition among public, private and foreign banks and the quest of RBI to strengthen the financial sector.
Currently ATM Cash management services market is at a developing stage. The Cash Management Services Market is moderately fragmented among top 6-7 players which constituted majority of the revenue share though there are number of smaller players existing in the market.
Market Size: Cash Management is the process of collecting, managing and investing cash in an ATM which are outsourced by banks to MSPs. The current cash management cycle involves cash pick up from bank, cash movement from the bank to the ATMs’ locations, grading, counting, monitoring ATMs for assessing the level of cash in an ATM, and replenishing cash in the machine accordingly. On the other hand, Cash Management companies has undergone in a partnership to form Cash Logistic Association (CLA) during the year 2013, to structure down the growth of India’s ATM infrastructure. India cash management services market increased positively at a double digit CAGR during the period FY’2013 – FY’ 2018, majorly due to increase in services offered by the cash management companies including cash vault services, bullion management, cash processing and others. High number of cash transaction in ATMs directly contributed to the increasing growth of Cash Management Services in India.
Cash Management market has observed a decline in growth rate during FY’ 2016 to FY’2017 due to effect of demonetization on the financial sector which negatively affected the profitability of cash management companies as majority of the ATMs remained out of cash during the period of demonetization. However, in FY’ 18 cash in circulation is back and is currently at an all-time high.
Market Segmentation
By Services: Cash management service companies (CMC) generates highest share of their revenue through ATM replenishment service. On the other hand, CIT contributed third largest share in generating revenue for the cash management companies in the FY’ 2017. However, CIT service turned out to be the second major contributor in terms of revenue share during FY’2018 majorly due to increase in license of new bank branches during the above period. CPD contributed the third largest share in terms of revenue for the cash management companies due to increase in number of retail touch points.
Competition Scenario: The market of Cash Management services in India is moderately concentrated. There are few players which have global presence while some of the players are in plans to expand towards PAN India level. There is a rising trend of increasing the ATM reach to the population in rural, semi-urban areas and thus such companies look forward to get contracts to achieve the same. With expected increase in the FDI in the Cash Management market, it is expected that with the entry of new foreign entrants, the market will become more fragmented in the near future. CMS Infosystem, Writer Safeguard, SIS Prosegur, Securevalue, Radiant Cash, Brink’s Arya, Logicash are some of the major players which constitute majority of the overall Cash Management Market. Out of these players, CMS Infosystem continues to be the market leader for past 4 years.
Future Outlook and Projections:
By Revenue: It is anticipated that India cash management services market will generate revenue at a positive single digit CAGR during the period FY’ 2018 – FY’ 2023. This is majorly due to increasing deployment of ATMs in rural areas under the financial inclusion scheme imposed by Indian government. Schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) has further increased the demand of cash at ATMs as number of active ATM card holders have increased rapidly, which will directly increase the demand of cash management companies. On the other hand, it is anticipated that market of cash management services will increase gradually with the high number of cash transaction in ATMs. Though there are government reforms to move the economy towards cashless, Cash has and is expected to continue to remain King in terms of payments and transactions.
Target Audience:-
ATM Security Services/ Solutions Providers
ATM Cash Management Companies
Banks and NBFCs
ATM Managed Services Providers
ATM Manufacturers
White Label ATM Management companies
Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
ATM Switch companies
Cash Reconciliation companies
Digital Payments Merchants
Products Covered:-
ATM Replenishment
Cash-in-Transit (CIT)
CPD (Cash Pickup and Delivery) /RCM (Retail Cash Management)
Vaulting Services, Bullion Management, and Cash Processing
Companies Covered:-
CMS Infosystem, Writer Safeguard, SIS Prosegur, Securevalue, Radiant Cash, Brink’s Arya, Logicash
Key Topics Covered in the Report:-
India Cash Management Services Market Size (FY’2013-FY’2018)
India Cash Management Services Market Overview
India ATM Cash Management Services Market Segmentation By Services (ATM Replenishment, CIT, CPD And Others)
India ATM Managed Services market Ecosystem And Value Chain Analysis
Complete Competition Analysis Including Strength And Weakness Of The Major Companies
Competitive Landscape Of Major Players In India ATM Cash Management Services Market
Future Outlook And Projections Of India ATM Cash Management Services Market (FY’2023E)
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