The Environmental Advantages of Cool roofs

A cool roof is a general concept where the roof is painted white or in a light colour. When this is done, it reflects away the sunlight and reduces the heat absorbed by the building. When the heat absorbed by the building is reduced, naturally, the life of the building is extended and electricity bills due to cooling needs come down.
This in a nutshell is what cool roofing is all about.
Cool roofing can be done by laying cool roof tiles or weather proof tiles on the roof. Usually they are heat proof ceramic tiles and are white in colour. With white roof tiles, the reflective index is maximum and hence, the heat absorbed is less.
But this is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot of engineering involved and also the design must be precise and the composition of the tiles measured for ensuring the best output and long life.
AB Ceramics( is a leading service provider with end-to-end expertise right from manufacture to installation of cool roofs. With a pan-India footprint and experience across a broad spectrum of industries, they are leading player in this industry. The company is a brainchild of Mr.Arivazagan popularly known as the father of cool roof tiles, since he pioneered the concept. The company also offers terrace repairing services.
Cool roofs can be installed in new constructions, as well as in existing buildings, and heritage structures. It only requires a sound engineering sense and an idea of how to implement, since the basic fundamentals about the concept are bullet-proof.
The advantages of cool roofs are
1) Reduced energy and utility bills, since the heat is reflected away from the building.
2) Excellent interior comfort even in peak summer.
3) Low urban heat generation and prevention of urban heat island effect.
4) Friendly to the environment since electricity need for cooling is reduced.
5) Easy to install and even retrofit existing roofs to be a cool roof.
6) When cool roof tiles or weather proof tiles are used, long life is assured thereby delivering excellent return on investment.
Prove, reliable and priced to move, cool roofs are revolutionizing the way buildings are perceived and are creating a positive environmental to preserve the earth for future generations.