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Online Ticketing finds greater Acceptance and foothold – 360 Ticketing tops the list!

Ticketing business has been there ever since we needed a reason to move out of home either for entertainment or for travel. Be it movies, sports, events, leisure or business travel, ticket booking has been an integral part of our lives. The modus of ticket booking, however, has changed in the recent past. Thanks to the rapid spread of internet, emergence of e-commerce and acceptance of online mode of payments – a spate of online ticketing companies have mushroomed up. Digital transformation has reduced ticket booking to a few clicks on your computer and a few taps on your smartphone.

Among the e-ticketing companies leading the revolution is 360 Ticketing, a Singapore-based firm with offices at Bangalore, Doha and Dubai. Founded in the year 2012 by Dr Tejinder Singh, 360 Ticketing has shown a splendid growth in a short span of time. Boasting of a 50-member team, the firm has quickly impressed clients across India and the Middle East relying on latest technologies to bring about the best-in-class online ticketing services for movies, sports and leisure events.

360 Ticketing featured in the June, 2018 edition of Silicon India magazine and is on top of the list of 20 top e-ticketing platforms which are leading the growth. Its co-founder, Dr Tejinder Singh has been quoted in the magazine as a founder with a difference who looks beyond ticketing towards Data and Business Intelligence.

Online ticketing industry still needs streamlining and 360 Ticketing is taking this opportunity to find greater footing and provide solutions that are beyond ticketing. As Dr Tejinder aptly puts it, ‘’Today, everything is available at the tip of a finger for your leisure time. But still, the online booking industry remains unorganized and fragmented. Identifying the changing market dynamics, we at 360 Ticketing are pushing for an online ticketing platform that goes beyond being a ticket booking facilitator.’’

360 Ticketing differs from most other players by providing a suite of online ticket booking services inculcating features such as ticket booking through web and mobile, instant notifications, multiple secured payments, combo offers, 24/7 customer support to name a few. ‘’We try to give an excellent experience through easy booking options. With an intuitive design enabling rich user experience, our users can select their preferred movie, show time and comfortable seats’’ explains Aarti Mahajan, Co-founder.

Growing time constraints for urban population is another major factor boosting the momentum for e-ticketing. A dinner reservation or a movie outing has become that much easier thanks to e-ticketing. The tech-savvy millennial generation is another demographic showing high affinity towards e-ticketing and are actively contributing towards its spread.

The last one decade has been a witness to a host of technological solutions and innovations. E-ticketing is one such technology that has narrowed the time frame of booking tickets and created convenience for end users and 360 Ticketing is ranked top among the new breed of e-ticketing firms that are fast changing the dynamics of online ticket booking.