LHA London Offers 10% Off at the Bowden Court Hostel for Select Bookings

Bowden Court Hostel, one of LHA London’s high-quality accommodations, offers a 10% discount on their weekly fees for residents staying for more than eight weeks.

[LONDON, 11/06/2018] – LHA London offers a 10% discount at the Bowden Court Hostel, available for residents staying for more than eight weeks and applicable to the weekly fees. Bowden Court Hostel offers accessibility to transport hubs and important locations, essential amenities and other conveniences.

A Home Away from Home

The majority of Bowden Court Hostel residents, as in most of LHA London’s lodging options, are college students and young professionals living in London for the first time. As their demographic suggests, Bowden Court provides comfortable and convenient accommodations that can be considered a home away from home.

Bowden Court provides daily breakfast and dinners for tenants. The breakfast comprises of a continental breakfast with a free refill on cereal and unlimited tea and coffee. The substantial evening meal is freshly prepared in the hostel’s kitchen daily by the in-house staff. Vegetarian options are also available.

For long-term tenants, the meals are included in the accommodation fee. Short-term boarders may enjoy the breakfast as part of their accommodation fee and pay a small contribution for the dinner.

Amenities and Accessibility

As with all accommodations under LHA London, Bowden Court House is equipped with a 24-hour cloud-based CCTV system in the communal living room, with secure bike racks and storage. The hostel has a modern on-site gym that offers a variety of indoor fitness activities.

Living in Bowden House provides access to several landmarks in London. Ranging from a few blocks’ walk to a few minutes’ drive, residents may visit the Chelsea Football Club, The London Eye, The Royal Albert Hall and other attractions.

About LHA London

LHA London was originally established to give shelter to those made homeless by the Blitz in 1940. Today, LHA London provides 12 large modern hostels that offer high-quality accommodation to college students, young professionals and foreign pupils and workers in London.

Learn more about LHA London and their services by visiting http://lhalondon.com.