Politician and Medical Scientist Austin Oneal Jones’s Infinity Economy Plan & His Cure For Aids and HIV

Austin Oneal Jones also known as Ossy Oneal the singer that topped the charts in Europe and got number 9 on the Play MPE charts this year, is an entertainer, inventor, self taught medical scientist and politician and has come up with some very intriguing a ideas that are extremely ground breaking!

His Infinity Economy Plan

Because we need new cities, we need new businesses. To do so, the government would have to loan itself money that it doesn’t have and let people spend only in America with a new credit system (“infinity” credits that only count as money in the US). Foreign tourists can only spend the new credit system money that is worth the same amount that their dollar is worth internationally, domestically, and since they were planning on spending that dollar already in America, it doesn’t matter if they exchange money for infinity credits on their trip. Then $13000 worth a year on average in infinity credits(these credits give citizens a share of a companies as well as maintain a percentage of the infinity pot if the $13000 on average is paid to the government (plan’s government revenue that is granted annually; the amount given annually is determined by the amount in the pot by year’s end) traded by each worker for $13000 worth on average of international currency for the government; the rest of each worker’s gross income is in international currency what ever it might be. Then the government pays $1 trillion(the amount companies other countries usually make in the US) as a gift to foreign based companies grossing domestically in the US to maintain international commerce in America, to international corporations and other companies that exist in the US from foreign ownership if they allow us to expand into their countries. Foreign companies would be offered a part in the infinity plan as well only for domestic expansion. It is a $1 trillion dollar prophet for the US from this part of the plan alone. Goal: make each domestically owned multinational company 8 times larger through international expansion and each domestic(national and local) company 4 times larger, each company shall be granted a loan to pay the tax for expansion with a waiver of criteria for a normal business loan from the government, who will promise to pay back the loan of the company can’t pay it back on time: the government co-sign. Business deals will be made for each company before they get the loan, so they can see how big the loan needs to be with every move gaged by the checks and balances of the plans criteria for execution.

The corporations get a get 1/3 of the expansion internationally, the government gets a third, and the citizen infinity pot gets a third. Do the math, the infinity plan in turn, allows 6 months of work, and 6 months of play(vacation time) if wanted, with more money to spend annually for each worker domestically if you multiply the companies by 8 internationally and 4 domestically and multiply the population times 4 through immigration as well, there is enough room 94% of the country is just rural open space, we could play with those numbers and make more… we’ll see.

The reason we would have the government expand for us is to make sure we don’t ever go out of business (The infinity pot from the taxes and revenue will carry every business for along side each other, paying dividends when money is missing in one companies planned annual revenue and taking money to give to the missing amounts when revenue is made overly in a company/corporation), or that we don’t screw up and that everything is taken care of at all times.

The plan if the goals are met over a couple of years, will leave 100,000 dollars in the worker’s pocket annually and much more for the business owners.

Remember, the infinity plan only grows companies and never takes away from the original revenue!! To infinity!!

The Cure

Immunosuppressive drugs circulated into the drugs, that pause the immune system, so that it can no longer created CD4 cells(a type of white blood cells) for a time, so the HIV antibodies can no longer attack white blood cells and grow in number. Next, inject more HIV into the body, so that the antibodies can attack the rest of the CD4 cells, and eventually run out of cells to attack, thus dying of in the body overtime, all the while having antibiotics pumped into the bloodstream to keep the body safe from common diseases, after a while, the subject is cured and will need a blood transfusion to reestablish the white blood cell count and other necessities. Cure by Austin “Ossy Oneal” Jones