Center for Hospice Care Provides Specialty Programs for Heart, Lungs, and Dementia

The Northern Indiana-based hospice center offers specialty programs HeartWize, BreatheEasy, and DementiaCare.

[SOUTH BEND, 5/31/2018] – The Center for Hospice Care (CHC) is providing innovative programs to address the needs of patients who have dementia and complications in the heart or lungs. These programs include DementiaCare, HeartWize, and BreatheEasy.

According to CHC, 38 percent of the diagnoses for over 2,000 patients each year are heart and lung diseases. The specialty programs utilize an interdisciplinary approach as well as spiritual and emotional support for the patient and family.

Dementia Support Program

This program provides specialized care and treatment for individuals with late-stage dementia as well as their families and caregivers.

In addition, the CHC staff can teach the loved ones of patients on how to provide better care. The support program is always about improving the patient’s quality of life.


The Center for Hospice Care explains that HeartWize is a program designed to offer individuals with advanced heart disease a choice for excellent management for their care. This program aims to assist the physician, patient, and family to manage the symptoms of heart disease at home to avoid re-hospitalization.

For example, a CHC nurse would work with a patient who has heart disease. The nurse would educate the patient about nutrition and inform them about the appropriate diet for their condition.


BreatheEasy is a program designed to offer an optimal management of care for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Similar to HeartWize, this program can assist physicians, patient, and family to manage the symptoms of COPD at home. This helps patients to avoid further re-hospitalization.

The CHC adds that BreatheEasy would not only improve the patient’s quality of life, but it would also help them accomplish important goals. The organization’s staff members, who have specialized training in COPD, will schedule regular visits.

It is vital for patients to have a COPD medication kit at home.

About the Center for Hospice Care

The Center for Hospice Care is a nonprofit organization focusing on improving the quality of life of patients living with life-limiting disease through hospice, home health, community education, and grief counseling. The organization is a leading local care provider for patients facing serious and advanced illnesses.

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