Kala Drishti unveils Waste Material & Hand-made Decor Items

New Delhi- Kala Drishti, a Delhi based NGO work for upcoming artists as their primary agenda. On the occasion of World Environment Day their artists has introduced extra ordinary and creative art works. They have introduced handmade decor items for home like hand painted Kettle, rickshaw and cycle.

Environment which gives us everything for living but in return we are diminishing it for our own welfare. But on the other hand some people are really working good to save environment and our mother Earth. Kala Drishti’s artist has made hand-made decorative items for home. They have recycled to the waste products in a beautiful décor item. You can place it in your shelf, study table, table décor etc. They are just wanted to tell world that we can made everything beautiful through our creativity and can save our environment for better future. Also, you can decorate your home through these paintings and creative artworks.

Kala Drishti is conveying a message through these art works that reuse things and save the environment.

Available at http://kaladrishti.org/index.php

Waste Material

Kala Drishti

I would like to introduce Kala Drishti, is primarily an artist-run trust with support of upcoming artists as their primary agenda. The programs and initiatives are wide and varied, venturing into all realms of the artistic sphere, including advisory, camps, residencies, art awareness programs, outreach programs, seminars, symposiums, art appreciation programs, corporate gifting and so on. Kala Drishti, a trust conceived by artists themselves identifies this problem and realizes that for a self-sustaining industry that faces uniform growth and is able to sustain participating enthusiasts and artists, we need to start by creating an interest in such activates among all reaches of the society. While historically and culturally Art has been an intrinsic part of the quotidation realities in this part of the world, there is a certain apathy that surrounds this. While we were still harp back to a past to identify the tradition of art, it is safe to say that a large section of the society has become estranged from the contemporary manifestation of art for its own sake. While the boom in the art market has opened the eyes of the world to on-goings within country, here such access remains sporadic and limited to a few who go seeking for it. While there has been an undeniable revolution over the last decade, we believe that this can go further.

They also works in EDUCATION sector. They gave many kind of entrance exam classes to the children who wanted to pursue art as a profession also gave classes to villagers who showed their keen interest in art for free.