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The baby equipment rental has a collection of high-quality cribs and other essential items for the baby’s needs, ensuring families enjoy their time in South Florida.

[FLORIDA, 3/9/2018] — Babies need more time in cribs. It serves as their space for sleep, rest and playtime. For families traveling, the absence of cribs in some hotels comes as a problem. Baby Borrow Rental provides the solution, with a big supply of cribs.

“Infants spend more time in the crib than anywhere else, so comfort and safety are paramount. You’ll find both in Baby Borrow Rental’s cribs for rent. We supply high-quality, affordable cribs for arriving families,” the baby equipment rental tells its customers.

Clean Cribs to Keep the Little One Safe

Every parent wants to make sure the cleanliness of anything that his or her child lies on, or even touches. Baby Borrow Rental assures its customers that it delivers each crib wrapped in plastic, with a mattress, fitted sheets, and cloth bumpers.

“We also make sure that each crib and crib accessory is sanitized. It’s important to us that babies aren’t just comfortable in their bed, but also safe from the bacteria,” the rental company shares.

Quality Assurance Through Standard Compliance

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released safety standards for cribs that made drop-side cribs illegal. Baby Borrow Rental informs parents that all its products follow the federal safety crib measures.

“Like every item in our inventory, Baby Borrow Rental cribs go through strict quality control to ensure each one meets the safety standard,” the baby equipment rental remarks.

Cribs of Different Sizes, Colors plus Accessories

“We have extensive options to offer. We have classic wooden cribs, rolling cribs, Pack ‘N Play cribs, and more. If you only require accessories, we have breathable crib mesh, activity centers, crib sheets, and blankets,” Baby Borrow Rental says.

The rental company also accommodates requests of guests regarding a particular crib model, if available in its inventory.

About Baby Borrow Rental

Baby Borrow Rental caters to families by providing a vast array of baby furniture and other relevant items for people visiting Miami and West Palm Beach. The baby equipment rental provides car seats, strollers, bicycles, cribs, toys and more, with deliver and assembly services. Customers can make online purchases or visit the 10,000-square foot showroom in Fort Lauderdale.

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