Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. Provides Waterjet Cutting Services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton

Waterjet cutting has advantages that give this process an edge over other cutting techniques. People who need to cut materials with waterjet can turn to Advantage Manufacturing Ltd.

[DRAYTON VALLEY, 02/14/2018] — Various options are available when it comes to cutting hard materials, and one of these options is waterjet cutting. Compared to other cutting techniques, waterjet cutting like ones from Advantage Manufacturing Ltd., has two main advantages: versatility and simplicity.

The Versatility of Waterjet

According to an article by, one of the primary strengths of waterjet technology is versatility. Waterjet can cut a wide range of materials, such as fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel, and tungsten. Moreover, it performs nearly the same in almost any material. Thus, the versatility of waterjet is unparalleled, in both thickness and material.

Waterjet Cutting vs Other Cutting Methods

The article illustrates the simplicity of waterjet by comparing it to other cutting techniques like laser cutting. When one matches up waterjet cutting with laser cutting, the former would have the upper hand. Laser, for instance, would have difficulty processing yellow metals like copper as well as reflective materials like aluminum.

Waterjet, on the other hand, can cut these materials effectively. Thus, materials and material thicknesses that are tough or even impossible to process with a laser do not pose much difficulty with a waterjet.

Excellent Waterjet Cutting Services

When a project calls for cutting and the production of custom-made components, the waterjet cutting services of Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. can make the work happen. The company’s waterjet equipment can generate a material-cutting force of 50,000 psi. It can slice through 14 inches of non-tempered glass, wood, tile, stone, and steel. Apart from these materials, the machine works well with rock, granite, and aluminum.

On top of excellent equipment, the Canada-based company has technicians who have skillful hands to produce anything the customer needs using waterjet cutting. Whether the project is shaping granite for an improved home feature or etching a business logo, these technicians are open to working on any project.

About Advantage Manufacturing Ltd.

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. takes pride in providing machining, welding, and custom manufacturing services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. The company has a 7,200-square-foot main office that allows it to serve the needs of its customers adequately.

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