Liverpool Smile Studio: a big citydentist

[West Derby, 2/10/2018] – Every year new people arrive to work, to study, to enjoy the culture and entertainment on offer here by the Mersey. But enjoyment is so much more enjoyable with a good infrastructure to one’s life, includingbeing registered with a reliable, centrally-located dentist such as Liverpool Smile Studio.


Having a good dentist in the heart of the city, such as Liverpool Smile Studio, means being able to pop in for treatments during lunch hours or after work. Liverpool Smile Studio is on Rodney Street.


Liverpool Smile Studio believes in creating relationships with its patients and believes that patients need to be able to trust their dentistimplicitly. The dentists at Liverpool Smile Studio know that people are at their most vulnerable when visiting the dentist and therefore, all the staff focus on making each visit as easy and relaxed as possible.


It is important to feel safe and able to access the dentistat Liverpool Smile Studio when there is an emergency. The staff at Liverpool Smile Studiomake sure there are emergency dentist appointments available every day.


A good percentage of the population feels very anxious about visiting the dentist. Sedation can make a big difference and at Liverpool Smile Studio, they are very happy to offer sedation to nervous patients.

Spreading the cost

At Liverpool Smile Studio, they understand that people may need to spread the cost of treatment with the dentistover several months. That’s why this dentistoffers 0% finance on fees from £350 to £50,000 (subject to status).

Dental Plans

Liverpool Smile Studio also has a dental plan. Becoming a member, which costs £13.11 a month, entitles the patient to two free check-ups with their preferred dentist each year, as well as two free trips to the hygienist. Membership also includes routine x-rays, 20% of dental treatments and extended guarantees on dental treatments.

As a dentist, Liverpool Smile Studiopromises its patients it will help keep their teeth in excellent condition for their entire lives, and in so doing, keep future treatment to a minimum.

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