Helm Boots Proves “Functional” Can also be “Stylish”

[Autin, 01/12/2018] – Helm Boots cements its reputation as a maker of quality and stylish footwear for men and women. This Austin-based brand recently launched its handmade footwear line for men and women, and their designs are drawing the attention of customers and stylists across the country.

A Marriage of Fashion and Function

Helm Boots proves that, when it comes to great footwear, it’s possible to connect function with fashion. The company has been creating quality boots since 2009. Its design process is very personal and relies on what the designers consider the best elements of different kinds of shoes. As a result, the company produces comfortable and highly-functional handcrafted footwear that doesn’t scrimp on artistry and style.

The company’s approach to designing and manufacturing footwear coincides with the preferences of consumers today. Early in 2017, the European Confederation of the Footwear Industry conducted a survey and found that comfort is one of the top four most important considerations in buying shoes. Furthermore, respondents gave more importance to comfort than style.

It’s possible, however, to meld the two. Many clothing manufacturers managed and enjoyed success because of it, in fact. Helm Boots is one of them.

From Humble Workshops to Fashion Spreads

The company only started designing men’s shoe styles in 2016 and is just starting with its first line of women’s boots and shoes. Yet, Helm Boots have already made their way into red carpets and major print magazines, such as Nylon, Footwear Plus, Gearculture, Gear Hungry, Austin Way, and Playboy.

A peek at its website reveals the company’s passion for creating high-quality footwear without compromising style. At the time of writing, the brand offers two styles for women’s ankle boots and a wider range of options for men.

“We design because we feel the desire to create something to compliment our lives and make other lives better,” its website says.

About Helm Boots

Helm Boots is a proud designer and manufacturer of 100% USA-made boots and footwear. The brand has a reputation for its high-quality shoes and is now gaining popularity in the fashion world. The company is a staunch supporter of US-based production and established manufacturing workshops in Maine and Arkansas, plus a flagship store in Austin, Texas.

View its boots and shoe designs at www.helmboots.com.

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