When you or your spouse is working in the military, you can apply for the military divorce. It is very similar to the civilian divorce, where some other rules proposed for military divorce. Most of the divorce lawyers are also capable of handling the military divorce case. So before hiring an attorney for your military divorce case, you should analyze their specialization. The military divorce can be applied in the residential state of the spouse or where the spouse stationed for their duty. The major issues that may arise in a military divorce case are military pension and child custody.

Legal Process of Military Divorce
When a person filed for divorce against his or her spouse who is the employee of military, a proper summon should be sent to the spouse. The legal petition timing will be extended and any delays are accepted, while the person is on active duty. The legal system gives then 60 days of time period to respond to the divorce summons. In a military divorce case, the alimony, child support, Military medical benefits of the ex-spouse are only decided by the court and it will depend on the aspects like length of the marriage, their child’s age, etc. As the military divorce has the three options to file the case in a different residence, the division of military property follows the rules of the state where the divorce is filed. The uniformed service former spousal act states that the military spouse is eligible to get all the benefits like medical, commissary and exchange when the marriage lasts more than 20 years.

Need of Military Divorce Attorney
As military divorce lawsuits have some different prospects than civilian divorce, you should hire the attorney with enough of practice is military divorce cases. The military divorce attorney should be familiar with both state and federal lawsuits. The attorney you choose should have good reputation and experience in military divorce case. While hiring a military divorce attorney, verify all the professional and personal details about the attorney. Search for the attorney in the state you applied for the divorce, who can give you the best guidance for following all the state laws in a proper way. For more information about Peoria military divorce attorney, visit http://pjmfirm.com/patrick-monahan-attorney-peoria-arizona/