“Expanding outlets of coffee chains to tap immensely big consumer base, changing lifestyles, increasing purchasing power and westernization influence will thrive the Coffee Chain market”, Says RNCOS

According to a research report by RNCOS entitled, “Indian Coffee Chain Market Outlook 2022”, the Coffee chain industry have gained huge popularity in past couple of years and has been open heartedly accepted by the large consumer base. The major contributing factor for this acceptance is the presence of coffee outlets across various markets which are in direct reach to public beside this rapidly changing lifestyle and increasing westernization influence act as a catalyst for this market.

In recent years, the lifestyle of Indian consumers has changed significantly. Coffee drinking has now become a popular trend. Today, café outlets are viewed as a best place to spend leisure time with other people. While younger consumer view it place more as a hangout zone with friends, the older one view it as a place to relax and unwind. This drastic change in the Indian consumer lifestyle has led to the growth of cafe chain market in India.

With the penetration of global coffee chain players such as Starbucks, coffee bean and tea leaf (CBTL), Costa coffee and many more has turned out to be one of the key growth drivers of the cafe chain market ending the consumers with ample of choices to go for. For instance, Starbucks, since the launch of its first store in 2012, this coffee retailer has opened more than 50 stores in major metro cities. Starbucks stores attract not only the regular coffee goers; the youngsters, but also the executive segment; corporate officials and businessmen which otherwise stayed away from coffee shops due to their association with being a spot for young individuals.

Moreover, Cafe coffee day which is the largest cafe chain in India is planning to launch more cafe stores in the nation. The total store count of this cafe house is more than 1500, with its presence in more than 200 cities. Thus, to sum up, with the increase in the total number of stores, entry of big cafe chain players and changing.

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