As the proud owner of a business, you will surely be interested in safeguarding its interests and you will be interested in staying ahead of the competition, isn’t? There is no fault in this aim as it is highly important for businesses these days to survive in this competing world. The only ways to stay competitive is to protect your innovative ideas. When you prevent other companies from using your innovative ideas, your business with automatically thrive, isn’t?

Here comes patents to safeguard your ideas says Farjami LLP. This law firm with expert lawyers practicing not only under this intellectual property (IP) law, but many other areas of IP law strives to safeguard the interest of their customers. They are of the opinion that patents are the right tools that provide a way for organizations to keep their ideas safe from the hands of others at least for a specific period of time. It is also recommended that as it is important for organizations, they should be aware of its calculation and they should also be ready to account for it.

What is a patent?

Farjami LLP states that it is an exclusive right that is granted for an investor for a particular period of time. It is a tool that safeguards others not only from making, but also from selling and using the idea in question for the period or duration of the patent right. Once an investor or inventor gets this right, he/she will have complete legal authority to prohibit others from making or selling the discovery in the country, where the patent is granted.

What if others illegally uses the patent?

Once an individual gets patent for his idea or discovery and finds that another individual or business uses the idea without his permission, he has the right to sue the user. This is where, law firm with expert lawyers like Farjami & Farjami LLP can get into picture. They can completely safeguard the individual of his rights and will also take appropriate steps, when there is violation.

Subject criterion:

When it comes to getting patent rights for an innovation, it is generally compulsory that it should not fall under any of the following categories:

Abstract ideas

Natural phenomena

Laws of nature

However, it should fall under any of the following three categories:

Processing methods

Man-made products


Patents are of different types and people interested in getting their ideas the appropriate legal protection can get the help of Farjami & Farjami LLP.

It is just not enough to hire an attorney but, it is highly required to have a professional attorney to protect your intellectual property. Patent Lawyers at Farjami LLP are always ready to provide valuable assistance to protect your interests. For more details visit us at

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