18 February 2017 – on Iranzanta website can be found various unique and high quality themes for WordPress. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS today. Easy to configure and use it is suitable for creation of any website, but was originally positioned as a platform for creating a blog. WordPress is very attractive for beginners in blogging by huge variety in the choice of design. To choose a quality template is not so simple. Maybe that’s why no one wrote manuals on this topic in site building blogs? Now it is good to say that to distinguish truly high-quality template from a mediocre or lousy can only be made by a specialist.
The main criterion for selection is often plaid exceptionally by appearance. The design is not the last point, but there are more important requirements for a good WordPress template. The decisive and most important moment of choice is a source of WordPress themes. Do not download templates from the first got website, choose a theme from official or trusted sources. This guarantees absence of critical errors, vulnerabilities, viruses and spam links. There are some trusted sources from where to get WordPress themes: The official source of free themes or WordPress official catalog. All tested and added to the catalog of themes are available from the administrative console of your blog through the menu Appearance – Themes – Add new (or Install themes in older versions of WP). The official source of commercial (“premium”) themes, an individual author or a team from directory of commercial suppliers of the WordPress. Another trusted source is the site of the author or the team with the commercial patterns, which is recommended as a reliable by friends, acquaintances or specialized blogs/forums/community. The indicator of quality is the presence of a free template of this author in the official WordPress directory.
Downloading or purchasing a theme from a trusted source, we automatically get rid of the problem of spam links and viruses. Also, in most cases there are eliminated the problems with critical errors, vulnerabilities, and poor-quality code, which can damage the site or to create a high load on the hosting. It is worth noting that over the past year the importance of adapting the theme for mobile devices has become one of the most important quality criteria. The ever-increasing percentage of the use of mobile devices to access the Internet, motivated all users to give it more attention.

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