Most people don’t even know what ISA computers are – they had disappeared from the scene in the late 90s. Yet companies like are keeping them alive because there are applications that need them.

Dallas, TX – November 17, 2016. unveiled their collection of ISA computers, motherboards, kits and parts on their blog to help keep applications alive that may have a need for replacement parts.

According to Mr. Khan, a spokesperson for, most I.T. Professionals, GenXers and Millenials alike have no idea what ISA slots are on a computer motherboard. In the early 90’s, they were state-of-the-art and as computers started getting a widespread application in industry, many applications were developed using cards and SBCs that would go on the ISA slots inside a computer to control machinery and applications. The machinery being controlled may have a life span of 25 to 30 years and are worth millions of dollars. The computer cards that control them are worth maybe a few hundred dollars but without them, the machinery cannot run.

According to Mr. Khan, as PCI, then AGP and now PCI Express slots took over, applications that still work on the good old ISA slots got orphaned. So they ( scour the world to find these old parts, test and refurbish if possible and stock them. They even carry some new ISA motherboards made by very small companies to cater to this speciality niche.

You can read more about ISA Computers on their blog at or call them at 972-245-0340.

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N. Khan
Tel: 972-245-0340
Dallas, TX, USA