Brawijaya Student Start-up makes Forbes 30 Under 30 List

An agricultural start-up initiated by three students from Malang’s Brawijaya University whose app, Chickin, has been downloaded by a thousand farmers across Indonesia, has made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. According to the founders, the application uses Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the productivity of farmers by up to 25 percent.
The app was developed by agrotechnology student Ashab Alkahfi, who is serving as the President of Chickin, Tubagus Syailendra from international relations, who is serving as CEO/Chief Executive Officer, and Ahmad Syaifullah from information systems, serving as the CTO/Chief Technology Officer.

“Based on initial research, we developed the app in Klaten, Central Java. We built poultry coops as farmers and began our poultry business where we found a number of challenges faced by local farmers. From there, we tried to solve these challenges by means of technology,” Alkahfi explained.

The application allows farmers to control the micro-climate inside chicken coops from a distance. Through the technology, farmers can input data, including daily, sales, and production data, to enhance performance and make it more measurable and at the same time, minimize risks through preventive measures.

The app also offers a number of features for management of the poultry farm, including data and IoT configuration adaptable to climate, temperature and humidity, as well as recording the age of each poultry. Aside from partnering with 14 poultry farms, Chickin has established cooperation with 100 poultry suppliers in the food industry.

Alkahfi said he hopes the app will bring ease to farmers and have a positive impact on them, adding that the farming modernization technology was developed free of charge under Brawijaya University’s Entrepreneur Incubator.

Chickin has seen 22-fold growth in the last 10 months and closed a funding round of Rp35 billion with three global investors. The company is targeting to increase revenue to Rp500 billion by the end of 2022.

So far, Chickin Indonesia is not only assiting one thousand farmers across the nation, but the company is committed to developing the technology to minimize the use of antibiotics for organic chicken through coop micro-climate control and providing training to poultry farmers free of charge to modernize Indonesian poultry farms.

For more information, Chickin Indonesia is online at
Written by: Aria Cindyara, Editor: Rahmad Nasution (c) ANTARA 2022

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Dr. Carl E. Moyler Invites Readers to This Complete Guide for Students Searching for That Comprehensive Handbook, “The Successful Student Handbook: Student Survival Skills for High School and College Students”

Dayton, OH and Miami, FL – WEBWIRE

A collection of essential areas of learning needed by students to be successful in today s academic classrooms. Included are strategies for success in such critical areas as: How to Study, Time Management, Reading/Comprehension, Setting Goals, Writing, Speaking, Mathematics, Foreign Language, Science, Motivation, Social Studies, Term Paper Writing, Memorization, and Values Identification.


The modules are arranged in a simple format and easy-to-use, this handbook also can be a useful tool for parents and tutors.


Knowing how to learn and to acquire the skills necessary to become successful throughout life should be pursued with passion by every student. No one wants to be a failure; however, many students do not succeed simply because they do not know how to plan their time. They do not know how to put success-producing strategies into place to get them where they want to go. 


Consistency is the truest measure of performance. Almost anyone can have a great day or even a good year. But true success is the will and the ability to perform well throughout your lifetime under all conditions and circumstances.  So, own a copy today!


Book available at


The Successful Student Handbook: Student Survival Skills for High School and College Students

Author: Carl E. Moyler, Ph.D.

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: October 2021

Genre: Self-Help and Educational

Target Audience: Both high school and college students.


About the Author

The author, Carl E. Moyler was born in Newport News, Virginia— one of eight children. He currently resides in Dayton, Ohio. He was a graduate of West Virginia State University in 1954 with a major in foreign languages. He holds a Master’s degree in French from Case Wester Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He holds a Ph.D. Comparative Literature from the Union Institute/University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a high school teacher of foreign languages, and a professor and an administrator at Urbana University and Wilberforce University. He is also a small business founder and president/CEO.

Nearpod Brings Interactive Digital Instruction to 34,000 Oklahoma City Public School Students, Increases Student Engagement and Improves Student Achievement

Nearpod, a teacher-centric, interactive instructional platform that gives teachers real-time insights into student learning, today announces its partnership with Oklahoma City Public Schools. This partnership brings Nearpod’s 15,000 standards-aligned lessons and interactive videos to the district’s 34,000 K-12 students, and over 5,000 educators and staff members. 

With this partnership, Oklahoma City Public School (OKCPS) educators gain access to Nearpod’s robust library of customizable lessons with over 20 interactive features and formative assessment tools such as Collaborate Boards, simulations and VR Field Trips. In addition, teachers can upload original lessons from Google Slides, Powerpoint, YouTube videos or their own videos, and build lessons right on the platform. What’s more, the district also delivers professional development with Nearpod to enrich staff meetings and training.

“We first heard about the power of Nearpod from our high school teachers, who were using the platform to boost participation and excitement in class, while gaining valuable insights into student performance,” said Dr. Sean McDaniel, Superintendent at OKCPS. “Seeing the potential to enhance student outcomes, we decided to expand access districtwide and have been thrilled with the response from our teachers, students and staff members as they actively engage with their lessons and professional development sessions through Nearpod.” 

Allowing students to engage deeply in their learning, Nearpod works with any device and provides lesson deployment with a single click. It also integrates seamlessly with the district’s learning management system, Canvas. The platform features both synchronous and asynchronous lesson mode, alongside the ability to toggle between Live and Student-Paced modes. This gives educators instructional freedom to allow students to learn as a group or at their own pace while gaining real-time feedback to help drive instruction. 

“I’ve been using Nearpod in my classroom for almost a decade, and I can’t imagine teaching without it today,” shared Telannia Norfar, a National Board Certified Teacher at Northwest Classen High School in OKCPS. “Nearpod is the easiest platform for students to navigate from the beginning to the end of a lesson. There’s no need to transition platforms between activities in a lesson. Every student gets equal access to the content on their own device, so all my students stay actively engaged for the entire class. It is integral to my teaching practice.”

To learn how Nearpod can boost engagement and achievement in your district, visit: 

About Nearpod

Whether using interactive lessons, interactive videos or gamified learning, teachers get real-time insights into student learning with Nearpod. Teachers can upload their existing content and make it interactive using Nearpod’s more than 20 formative assessment and rich-media features so that all learning is active and collaborative. In addition, Nearpod’s libraries feature over 15,000 standards-aligned lessons, videos and activities created in partnership with leading publishers like Common Sense Education and Smithsonian. Nearpod’s companion platform Flocabulary engages students in K-12 standards-aligned hip-hop videos and instructional activities that increase reading comprehension through academic vocabulary exposures. Together, Nearpod and Flocabulary reach the 100 largest school districts in the US and are used by over 1.7 million educators worldwide. In March 2021, Nearpod was acquired by Renaissance, a global leader in assessment, reading and math solutions for pre-K-12 schools and districts. To learn more about Nearpod, visit For more information about Renaissance, visit 

About Oklahoma City Public Schools            

Oklahoma City Public Schools (OKCPS) is a multi-cultural district serving more than 34,000

students. It is the largest traditional school district in Oklahoma and employs over 5,000 people. Our students are educated throughout 33 neighborhood elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 8 high schools, 4 alternative schools and 6 charter schools located within 135.5 square miles in the center of Oklahoma.

Over 60 languages are represented within our district, and 16,500 of our students are bilingual. Additionally, over 70 Native American tribes are represented among our students, their families and our staff. OKCPS proudly serves 55,000 meals each day at no cost to our students and we transport 7,000 students daily using our fleet of over 120 school buses. 



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71% of Student Loan Borrowers Ready to Resume Payments in 2022 (The College Investor Survey)

 The College Investor recently surveyed 1,200 student loan borrowers to see how financially ready they are to resume payments in February 2022 when the COVID-19 student loan forbearance expires.

Despite the ongoing economic concerns, the survey found that 71% of student loan borrowers were financially ready to resume payments next year.

Read the full survey findings here:

Key Findings:

– 71% of borrowers surveyed feel financially ready to resume making their student loan payments in February 2022. Only 29% said they did not feel financially ready to start making payments on their student loans.

– Only 65% of borrowers know what their student loan payment is going to be when it resumes.

– 84% of student loan borrowers worry about their student loan payment, with 50% worrying about their loans “often.”

The College Investor Editor-in-Chief, Robert Farrington, believes that while borrowers are ready to resume payments, lack of clear communication from the Department of Education around re-starting payments is making borrowers worry. “There needs to be a cohesive media plan with mass marketing and communication, and a focus on connection with all student loan borrowers.”

To learn more about The College Investor, please visit:

The College Investor

Robert Farrington




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High School Student Fights COVID One Glove at a Time with Fuel Door Gloves

 Alexander W Dreyfoos School of the Arts high school student Byron Matysek, 18, creates innovative solution to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at gas stations.

Disposable gloves mount in a small pouch on vehicle fuel doors to protect gas station patrons.

Gas stations, convenience stores, employers, and branding specialists pick up innovative product solution, “Fuel Door Gloves.”

Byron Matysek, 18, a high school senior, along with his father, Christopher Matysek, have developed a unique concept to protect patrons at gas stations from COVID-19.

It is now possible to safely pump gas without touching potentially contaminated gas nozzles or electric car charging plugs. The disposable gloves are stored in a small pouch, conveniently attached to the inside of the vehicle’s fuel door.

“We worked together on the idea, and now we have a provisional patent,” explains Christopher, Byron’s father. “I am so proud of the work my son has done as a high school senior. He wants to help people stay safe during the pandemic, and he is making a difference!”

Most Americans get gas every 7 to 10 days, which means touching those filthy nozzles 3 or 4 times a month. Reuters(TM) reports, “Gas pump handles turned out to be the filthiest surface that Americans encounter on the way to work,” based on a study by Kimberly-Clark(TM). So, avoiding touching those gas pump handles helps reduce exposure to all kinds of germs, not just COVID-19.

The Bretheim Family explains, “We count on Fuel Door Gloves to keep us safe and to not bring the virus home with us. We know that our family can stay safe even when we still have to travel to work, keeping our family safe using Fuel Door Gloves that we can have delivered right to our door!”

Having gloves handy makes a difference in every situation during the pandemic. The hardest part is making sure you always have the gloves where you need them when you need them. That is the ingenious part of the Fuel Door Gloves. They are always right where you need them when you need them.

Byron and Christopher hope that families all across the nation follow the Bretheim family example. Using Fuel Door Gloves at the gas station and while recharging electric cars shows how this 18 year-old high-schooler is fighting the virus One-Glove-At-A-Time.

Fuel Door Gloves LLC

Byron Matysek

‪(561) 231-0099‬



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