The College Investor recently surveyed 1,200 student loan borrowers to see how financially ready they are to resume payments in February 2022 when the COVID-19 student loan forbearance expires.

Despite the ongoing economic concerns, the survey found that 71% of student loan borrowers were financially ready to resume payments next year.

Read the full survey findings here:

Key Findings:

– 71% of borrowers surveyed feel financially ready to resume making their student loan payments in February 2022. Only 29% said they did not feel financially ready to start making payments on their student loans.

– Only 65% of borrowers know what their student loan payment is going to be when it resumes.

– 84% of student loan borrowers worry about their student loan payment, with 50% worrying about their loans “often.”

The College Investor Editor-in-Chief, Robert Farrington, believes that while borrowers are ready to resume payments, lack of clear communication from the Department of Education around re-starting payments is making borrowers worry. “There needs to be a cohesive media plan with mass marketing and communication, and a focus on connection with all student loan borrowers.”

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